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Privacy Policy


All photographs and content in this site are copyright of Khushboo Mehta except specifically stated otherwise. No content or images may be re-used, embedded or re-purposed without my written consent.

Terms & Conditions

You are visiting this site at your own free will and containing the information on this website for information purposes at your own risk. All stories, information, and travel tips mentioned in the site are from my own personal experiences and may have taken place some time ago. I accept no responsibility for any incorrect or misleading information. Everyone is unique and have their own tastes, also my tastes may not be yours, and hence take my advice as a rough guide for your travel and not the ultimate bible. I make no representations about the accuracy and completeness of the information available on the website.

Comment Policy

All comments will be moderated and anything deemed spam or offensive will be deleted and not published on the website. I do not store any personal detail of the commenter nor the IP address required to leave a comment.

External Links

External links used in the site are often to direct you to further information regarding a particular subject. I accept no responsibility for the content on these links or any external site and they are merely provided as an additional tool to help you with your travel planning.